I am proposing that voters smart devices will enable them to vote in Annapolis.
In this politically and culturally divided nation it is time for us to come together.
With redemptory hearts to forge a new bond socially and politically. We know that

our political party system is designed to keep us entrapped in collectivism. One collective group against another. Today we have the technology for " Telephone
Town hall Representation " during the legislative session in Annapolis. This 2018 election cycle ALL voters of the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland will have the opportunity to individually vote on every issue while our legislative body is in session. Bills that effect your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


We now have the ability for our mainstream media to broadcast the pro's and cons on the issues, Bills that are being discussed and inform the voters when to vote.
An opportunity for the media to grow. Citizens Changing Maryland with Telephone Interactive Legislation (TIL) will do just that! Change the landscape of representation, establishing a level of communication never seen before.

Do you want to vote in Annapolis with me?


Since 2010 after a number of inquiries with the Maryland Board of Elections, I have the confidence that the entire staff takes their job very seriously. Recently, one of our local election officials stated, "I personally do not have a problem with showing my photo I.D. at the polls". As with most purchases at any store photo I.D. is required.


I will not campaign against any other candidate. What every District in Maryland is
searching for is an effective voice in Annapolis from the entire voting base. I will work to empower you, citizens and government working together. Democracy works best when citizens are engaged participants. Together is a better place to be with your renewed authority in Annapolis. Then you will truly have a transparent servant representing your will.

Do you want more control of your tax dollars,liberties, and property rights?


I will introduce legislation calling for Voting Integrity (honesty).

The Ed Tinus bill calls for:

     1) That the MVA list on drivers licenses and on all forms of ID cards. "U.S. Citizen"

     2) That voting registration cards are swipe strip coded on your I.D./ drivers licenses.

     3) That this I.D. must be shown prior to voting.

These initiatives are steps forward in securing the integrity of your vote.

Support Ed Tinus and vote from the comfort of your own home.

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