In 1787, the motion of the electoral vote would have been
struck down if they had the technology of today.


Now is the time to be brave!


As a Republic, currently "We the People" elect our Senators.
We should also elect our president.

As your Senator, I will be bound to uphold and
defend the constitution and the bill of rights.


As your transparent representative, I will use the internet
to search the will of the people and formulate a uniform
question of yea or nay subject to a public vote.

A vote made from the comfort of your home on every issue.
My final vote will be between God and me alone.


That holds me accountable for every word from my mouth.

Your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness rests in your hands.
I will ensure we are no longer subjects to a federal government
which has progressively assumed authority over our rights.


I stand before you as the only senate candidate in this presidential
election that  will surrender the authority of governance to a
public vote as the constitution dictates.


I have a dream that you have a dream


Vote Ed

Copyright 2016 Ed Tinus

All rights reserved