God’s word is true, and His truth is universal that stands with the test of time.
A nation formed under the precepts from the words of God’s truth
will stand with the test of time.

  In 1787, the motion of the electoral vote would have been struck down if they
had the technology of today. The electoral election process would not have
been written into our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


  As a Republic, currently “We The People” elect our Senators. Where we should also elect our President. We have the technology today, that in this Generation 42 citizens and government can work together. That as a Republic citizen can govern government as intended by our founding fathers. We can in these modern times restore the
dream our founding fathers gave We the People of these United States.

  As your Senator I will be bound to uphold and defend the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. As your transparent representative, I will use the internet to search the will of the voters and formulate a uniform question of Yea or Nay subject to a Public vote.
A vote made from the comfort of your own home on every issue.

  My final vote will be between God and me alone. A God that holds me accountable to every word that proceeds from my mouth. A vote that may send men to war to defend our freedom. You see. Your life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness rests in your hands. I will insure that we are no longer subjects to a federal government that has progressively assumed authority over our States authority, and over our Rights.
Micro managing our lives, even to the point to where one can relief themselves?

  I stand before you as the only U.S., Senate candidate in this Presidential election
that will surrender the authority of governance to a Public vote as the Constitution dictates.  Currently corporations regulate, write policies, and determine how
our government regulates us for profits?

  In this generation we can have a voice in Congress. Do your part this is your civic duty. Insure that our future generations of citizens living the dream of this biblically formed Nation. A dream of truth. The Republic is at hand. Do you want it back?

Then take it!


I have a dream that you have a dream

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