My name is Ed Tinus and this is where I stand...



Compassion for the concerns of my Maryland neighbors combined with my love for this great country has inspired me to take action. I am seeking to make Maryland better with these four distinct goals...


1. I want to simplify our political process: Just one subject for each bill. With bills that are written clearly and concisely for all to easily understand.


2. I want to use technology that already exists to return to the “Meeting House” process, or Direct Democracy. I intend to re-establish a public vote on every issue, giving every registered Maryland

voter the opportunity to vote on each bill, allowing citizens and government to again work together.


3. I want to reorganize efforts to restore our national treasure... The Chesapeake Bay.


With true transparency, I will keep you informed, collect your educated votes, and carry them to
Annapolis, thereby returning the power of the Maryland Government to the citizens. Do not surrender your vote to the wishes of a politician and their financial supporters and lobbyists for the next four years. Support Ed Tinus so your vote can create effective change in our generation; so your vote will once again regulate our government's activities, so your vote will re-establish the checks and balances of our forefathers. Your vote can eliminate corporate control, force lobbying groups to change their policies, and return our government to the will of the majority rather than the will of the privileged.
A return to the Republic could end bi-partisanship and put the focus back on what is best for Maryland.


Today’s technology will allow us to create a virtual meeting house, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This new electronic forum will enable us to be in touch with each other and ensure that “No one is greater then all.”

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